About us

DORAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY is the result of a need that has arisen with the rapid development of the Doral Area. Our team has thorough knowledge of Doral and its particular characteristics.

Our organization culture is based on being local ñ creating long lasting relationships with people and communities where we live and work. Throughout the annual management plan, Condominiums, Homeowners Associations and Masters Associations depend on management for their livelihoods. Our extensive experience makes us aware that management is about trust and communication.

post05We aim to forge a close working relationship with our customers by providing excellent quality service.

As part of our training, each member of our team has served on the board of directors at the communities where they live. That way, we can see things from the owner or residentís perspective and offer solutions that match our clients. We have a proven record of success based on strong organizational skills, attention to detail, service and innovative solutions for turn-over, day-to-day operations and full community management.

President Delia Goldie Arcelus is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience and been a resident and business owner of Doral since 1992. Delia believes in the power of communication and the value of building long-term relationships.  Through her many years as an entrepreneur and community leader, she has been contributing to the development of people and businesses in the area.



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